Reach 2016!

by - 7/13/2016

Hello fellow reader!

This past weekend I had the ability to go to my church's nationwide conference St. Louis. It was AMAZING. I could not have been more grateful to go and see 18,000 disciples worshipping God, learning, and fellowshipping with one another. I am apart of the Detroit Church of Christ,  which is apart of the International Churches of Christ. We have a region here in Ann Arbor and a region in Livonia that we drive out to every so often! If you want to find out more about my church, be sure to text me or email me at

Here are some pictures from the conference:

The big screen! 
There was amazing worship and many inspirational lessons on that stage. It's very nostalgic just thinking about it right now. The first night my brother Luke and I saw this musical, Upside Down, and it was about the book of Acts. That was really fun to watch with my brother and it helped that I just so happened to be reading Acts in my quiet times!

For food, when there wasn't a line out the door I ended up going to this place called Porano's Pasta. It was a make your own pasta bowl, sort of like Chipotle burrito bowls. Very yummy!

Ren and I at Porano's Pasta
Tina Crawley, she's amazing.
On our down time when we didn't have too much to do after classes and such, I would walk around with friends from our ministry and we would hotel-hop, and of course, visit The Arch!
Dani and I enjoying the sun.
Check out her youtube channel: DefinitelyNotDani. 
Lauren behind the PIZZAAA! It was so good.
On Saturday, Lauren and I went with a bunch of Cincinnati teens to the City Museum in St. Louis! It was so cool, you could walk through all of these tunnels, go down really long slides, and run up ramps that were probably made for skateboards.

We are above some buildings at this point! 
Me, Olivia, Nadya, & Lauren
This is a panorama I took of the Saturday night worship, everyone had their phones out!
At the end of the conference, I definitely felt like my voice was becoming more hoarse because of all the singing and talking there was that weekend! I got to meet some of the people going on my Hope Youth Corps trip in a couple of weeks to San Diego/Baja, Mexico.

One of the biggest things that I took from the conference was that the world really needs us, and God needs us to be able to go anywhere to serve Him and to spread the good news everywhere. We need to view the world differently, as a chance to invite people to know God.

This is just the beginning of many church events, next week I have my church camp and then when I get back, I'll be here for three days and then it will be time to go to Mexico! I will definitely keep you updated on all of that and try to blog as much as I can.

When I did get home from Reach, I finally put together a video of my vacation trip that was two weeks ago, and uploaded it to Youtube!
If you want to check it out, here it is: (oh and if you change the settings to 760p that's a lot better quality)

I filmed it using my GoPro and my iPhone. I really enjoy making these videos and hope that I can continue to make more in the future of the places that I've been!

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you have a great week.

Joy :)

ps. gotta catch em' all

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