A Glimpse of Summer

by - 5/31/2016

Hello, friend!

We just had a three day weekend that ended yesterday. :( Time is running quickly, and we are already halfway to the end of the year! Say whaaaat? I am actually quite tired from the weekend, which I find a bit ironic because normally people feel replenished and refreshed from a long week, while I feel tired from doing so much(which is a great thing, I may add).

On Friday I went to my church's teen devotional and my friend Danielle drove home with me and she slept over. Our night consisted of listening to Adele and chatting until about 1 am. The next morning, we woke up bright and early(surprisingly!). Dani and I decided to get up and have an early start to the day so that we could go to the farmers market in Kerrytown. The sun was already beginning to say "HELLO WORLD!!" when we arrived. 

At the farmers market, Danielle and I bought some pesto and cheese bread to go along with it. Then we strolled up and down the street and took our time walking around. I found a panda printed on a pillow!

Some pretty flowers.
After the farmer's market, Dani and I drove to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks to run some errands. I then drove Danielle to Canton, dropped her off, and picked up another friend of mine from church, Emily! We went to Panera and then downtown Plymouth, it was such a beautiful day. We walked around the stores downtown and enjoyed the weather. There was this candy store that was so cool, I hadn't been to one of those in a long time!

A cute tree chair.
This way to happiness.
After hanging out with Emily, I drove back to Ann Arbor for a friend's graduation party and hung out with my other friend, Victoria. 

Victoria :)

 We took a stop at Washtenaw Dairy before we went back to her house and watched Spirited Away, one of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies by Hayao Miyazaki. It was a fantastic way to end the day.
The next morning was church, and then afterwards was our church's softball game. My team, the PowerSharks, unfortunately lost to the Mighty Ducks 5-4. It was such a close game! We'll get 'em next time.

On Memorial Day, my whole family drove to a parade, and afterwards we saw a tribute to some veterans from Ann Arbor. A girl who was singing in the choir fainted, I think she fainted because it was so hot outside, she just fell over in the first 5 seconds of the song! Parents immediately ran over and helped her up and she was good after getting some water. *tip: drink lots of water in the summer, even if you don't feel like it!

Classic parade!

Feeling extremely grateful for everything veterans have done for us.
Afterward, we went to our neighbors house for a barbecue. My allergies were bad again that day, which was a bummer, but they cleared up towards the evening. We ended the day with some family shopping and then my mom and I went hammocking. She colored in a green pattern while I wrote this blog post, and we swung from two green trees watching the sun set.

I hope that you have a great rest of the week,

Joy :)

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