Why You Should Thrift!

by - 2/16/2017

Hello, friend!

If you don't know what thrifting is, here's the jist of it:

going to your local thrift store and buying stuff.

Thrifting is something that is really popular amongst teens, and especially those who are trying to develop their own style. If you have maybe thought about it but haven't made the decision to go, here are some reasons as to why you should visit your local thrift store to find the next staples in your closet!

This is a given, but thrift stores are cheaper than normal stores. Check with your local store and see if they have certain days where "green tags" are half price. Many stores have special deals at certain times and they just want to get rid of their items so that they can circulate new ones.

2. You are saving the planet.
Literally. Fast fashion(clothes from stores like Nike, Forever 21, H&M) is causing cheap clothes to pile up in landfills and to be honest, you're paying wayyy too much for the price it took to make that clothing item. You can read more about fast fashion here. Plus, a lot of these companies use women/child labor in other countries, and are paying them as little at $4 an hour. Of course, it is often inevitable to buy clothes from stores like these, but instead of buying ALL of your clothes from there, why not try a thrift shop?

3. Get creative!
I have found that thrift stores can actually carry some high end products if you dig around! One brand in particular that I have found a couple great items from is Tommy Hilfiger. Last Sunday I got a Tommy Jeans sweatshirt for literally ONE DOLLAH. I think that with thrift shopping, you have to be open to going a little bit out of your comfort zone and buying things that you normally wouldn't, or you have to have an idea of what you want from a thrift store before you go, otherwise you might not find anything you will actually like(if you're a picky thrifter like I am). ALSO a tip is-- when you go, TRY IT ON and make sure that you will actually wear the piece of clothing because you don't want to end up buying 15 items for $20 but then you end up wearing only one of them.

4. Thrift stores change daily
You can basically go as often as you like and find something new every single day. You will not run out of items, and if you travel other places, feel free to go to their thrift stores too! You never know what you will find. You can also totally DIY your own clothes from thrift store clothes as well, like cutting the bottom of an oversized sweatshirt or making some shorts out of some jeans you find. And you might not just find clothes, but cool cups or records, or decorations that you can refurbish as a little project!

5. You can give back!
When you go and buy clothes, also remember to give some of your own back! Goodwill in particular gives back to the community by helping people get jobs, and who knows, maybe your piece of clothing from last year will be someone else's favorite item to wear.

I hope that this has inspired you to go thrifting!! Go with some friends and help each other pick some items out. You'd be surprised at how much time you can spend thrifting and what great deals you can find.

Welp, talk to ya later!
Joy :)

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