18 Things I've Learned

by - 3/09/2017

Hello, friend!
I thought I'd do a quick blog post about 18 things I've learned in my life since I turned 18 last week. It's so bittersweet! I feel like I'm leaving my childhood behind as I step into adulthood. Here goes!

  1. God is real.
  2. Music is impossible to live without. 
  3. There is a difference between a need and a want.
  4. I am actually quite small, but can make a big difference in the world if I just try to be my best self.
  5. Try your hardest at academics, but not to the point that it takes over your life. 
  6. Trying to fit in is a trap. Don’t do it unless you genuinely like whatever you’re doing. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.
  7. Passion is contagious.
  8. Love your parents... and your siblings because family really is forever!
  9. If you have the chance to do something new or even move, do it. 
  10. When you make mistakes, admit to them asap. It will save you a lot of hassle. 
  11. Friendshifts!!! My mom has told this to me ever since I was a little girl. Basically, it means that your friendships that you have now might not all exist later- they will shift. There is nothing wrong with that, but learning how to move on is also a good skill to learn! 
  12. IT'S ALL ABOUT YOUR PRIORITIES. Life goes by fast, as I said before, and you will make time for what you want to do if you really want to.
  13. Judging a person how you judge a book of a cover, or from their Facebook, Instagram, etc, are bad ways of learning about them and who they really are.
  14. If you are overwhelmed about something, pray about it. God will make more time for you, give you more love, and meet you more than halfway.
  15. Working out is SO good for you!!! I find that when I am exercising consistently, I am all around more happy.
  16. Having a dog actually is the best thing.
  17. In the end, you have the power to change YOURSELF.
  18. Life is short. Don't wait to do things and then have regrets later!
Thanks for listening to my list of 18 things! If you want me to elaborate on any of them, feel free to comment on which ones and I can make new posts in the future about some of these topics.
Have a great weekend! Xx
Joy :)

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