First Snow of 2015!

by - 11/21/2015

Hello reader, and welcome to my blog!
This is my first post. :)
I'm very excited to start blogging, hopefully I'll have a new post up weekly about activities that are going on in my life.
I thought that today would be a good day to kick off my blog because we had our first snow today in Ann Arbor! Also, if you're viewing my blog on a computer, you'll see I made little snowflakes fall down on the screen, I tried to be festive ;) .
 The whole midwest got snow today from the storm (which apparently they named, "Winter Storm Bella"). It was so nice waking up and seeing the snow, it was literally 65 degrees earlier this week! I think that this has helped some people get into the "Christmas spirit," quicker than normal, even though Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. I lit a candle and did some homework, listened to Christmas music, and took some pictures of the snow. It was a very cozy day.

I took this picture in the morning...

And at the end of the day there was so much snow!

My backyard is a winter wonderland❄ 
Stay warm and safe in the snow, readers!

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