Adieu, A2

by - 8/27/2016

Hello friend!

Today was my last day in Ann Arbor.
I am officially gone and driving to Madison, Wisconsin. It has been a great four years spent in A2(Go blue!) I wanted to make a blog post dedicated to my time in Ann Arbor and to say thank you to everyone who made my time here great.

I am going to miss the campus, who were all my first friends in Michigan when I was a little eighth grader before school started. I learned a lot from them about college and life and friendships, and have made lifelong friendships with the campus girls! I studied the bible with campus girls and I'm so grateful for Amy and Sandy who studied with me and baptized me freshman year woot woot! Without this move, I don't know if that ever would have happened and I'm so grateful that God moved me and my family so that this could happen.

I am going to miss my friends from church who have been kind and welcoming and loving to me since the first day I was at church. I love the teen ministry in Detroit and I'm so grateful that I was apart of it for three years! My first friend in Detroit, Danielle, is still one of my besties forever and I'm so grateful God put her in my life. I got to watch her and Joselyn and Caleb become baptized the time I was there! I learned a lot about leadership and about myself and my convictions in the teen ministry. I could literally name every teen girl and say how they have changed my life for the better in the past three years, they've all had an impact on who I am today. The church in Detroit is forever in my heart as home and family.

I'm going to miss my field hockey friends!! Ahh field hockey was the best sport that I ever played even with coming from Chicago where no one played it (everyone called it lacrosse haha). The team that I was apart of taught me to always work hard no matter what and to push myself to go farther than what I thought was my limit. I made so many memories with the wonderful girls on my team playing field hockey together and I am so grateful that I was able to play(thank goodness for that no-cut policy freshman year). Best of luck to them and the rest of their season!

I am also going to miss of course my friends from school who, some have come and gone as high school friendships do, but I feel like I took something from every friendship that I made. I will miss the best English table I was ever at! I learned a lot about what it means to be a true friend, and I definitely made lots in Ann Arbor.

I just went to dinner with a bunch of friends from the Chicago church(woot woot!) and now we're heading into Madison, with a great sunset  to enjoy. I got to see one of my best friends Abby who just got baptized this morning! It's funny how my family drove from Ann Arbor this afternoon to Chicago, where I lived last, and now we're driving forward to Madison- our third and final stop(for now! Haha). I am excited for the journey ahead.

Cheers Ann Arbor!
Joy :)

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