A Day at the Farmer's Market

by - 9/16/2016

Hello, friend!

The past two and a half weeks have been such a whirlwind of moving into my new house, my new school, with my new friends, etc that I have not maintained the time to post anything exciting at all, although I have certainly done some exciting things!

This blog post is(as you have probably seen by the title) about my Saturday spent with Abby at the farmers market downtown. 

It was actually quite a bleak and dreary, rainy day. The flowers planted all around the capitol made up for the lack of color in the sky that day! I was surprised by the number of people who were out and about, despite the rain and the cold. It felt like a crisp autumn day without the sun, even though it was(and still is)summer. 

Now, as I'm still seeing more of Madison and it's culture here, I discovered that every ten meters or so that you walked, you would find a cheese stand. There were so many different types of cheese! And of course, cheese curds. Abby and I tried so many cheese samples until I basically felt full and it was only 10 in the morning!

Halfway through, Abby and I mixed it up a bit and ate some sugary donuts. The donuts reminded me of donuts and cider that you eat when at a corn maze or pumpkin patch and I got really excited when I saw that they were selling apple cider too, but since it was so chilly and gloomy that morning I decided to wait until I could have warm cider and be all cozy inside. (If you haven't realized yet, I am extremely eager for Autumn to begin)

On one of the corners of the capitol, Abby and I though there were some cute little ladies singing some sort of cultural song, but as we got closer we heard the lyrics and thought hmm... maybe not! They were singing about politics and how terrible our government was. All I could think was, "you do you, raging granny." (Note* it says raging granny on the back of her shirt)

Abby and I! :)

^^ Tis the season... pumpkin scones!! What a great day it was for scones, and scones with some warm drink(preferably got chocolate) would have tasted amazing that day. Abby and I saw pickled string beans, wood carvings, lots of flowers, some succulents, and then when we walked all the way around the main square, we walked downtown a bit and strolled through some shops just having a peek. 

Madison is really a lovely city!
Come visit me sometime.

Joy :) 

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