May Favorites

by - 6/01/2017

Hello, friend!

Today is the first day of June! Woohoo! We are almost halfway through the year. This month has been a great month full of new music, adventures with friends, and exceptional weather. Here are some of my faves from this month!

Basically my favorite song this month has been "Malibu" by Miley Cyrus. This song gives you such happy summer vibes, and I know that I will be listening to this song all summer, especially as I travel! Another artist that I've been listening to this month is Jasmine Thompson. She became big on Youtube from her music covers and released an album this month! I specifically like the songs "Old Friends" and "Wonderland." I've also discovered that Ruth B, the girl who sings "Lost Boys," actually has an entire album and it is so magical and her voice is so pure. She has such a beautiful sound in all of her songs that is unique and her ability to tell a story through her music is unreal!! "If This is Love," is an amazing song by Ruth.

I definitely suggest that you watch travel vlogs(if you have time)! My brother and I both really like watching FunForLouis on Youtube, and right now he is in the Dominican Republic living in a tree house in a jungle. I'm basically living vicariously through his vlogs! Adelaine Morin, who really is apart of the makeup community on Youtube, has been vlogging her trip to Greece. She's almost done with the vlogs, but they are so cool to watch. She has such a positive and bubbly personality that is nice to watch if you need a pick-me-up! :)
This is a picture from Adelaine's vlog to Greece! *heart-eye emoji*
One app that I've been using this month is Plant Nanny! It's so cool because basically you choose a plant and then you get to "water" it when you drink a glass of water! It sends you reminders to drink water everyday. I have been using it here and there, it's sometimes hard to remember to fill up your plant even if you have been drinking water! It's really cute though and and is a good reward for drinking lots of water which makes you healthier.

Hmm so for food this is so random but I've been loving pad thai. I went out to dinner with my family and some friends last week and we went to a thai place, and the thai food was so good! My mom and I also make pad thai at home and we made pad thai like two weeks ago as well, and the trick is to get the special sauce from the asian market! Pad thai is a noodle dish with your choice of meat and cabbage, carrots(sometimes), peanuts, green onions, and the sauce! 10/10 highly recommend if you haven't ever tried pad thai and you love noodles/asian food!

Me, Jess & Jess at Six Flags
I've been wearing stripes. A lot. It's my lazy t-shirt no effort style that I love. Also, I've been wearing my white sneakers from that have a little pink/peach splash of color on the backs of them. I wore them to Six Flags Great America actually, and they held up so well! Oh and I also wore my new fanny pack from Forever21 there and it was PERFECT for holding my phone and money. I definitely suggest fanny packs 25/7 they are so comfortable and then your hands are so free.

Well that's the end of my favorites for the month of May! I can't wait to see what June will bring.
Have a great rest of your week!
Joy :)

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