10 Things to do on a Snow Day!

by - 2/25/2016

Hello, friends!

Yesterday at around 9 pm AAPS made an announcement that there was no school today! In other words, an excuse to sleep in and catch up on all the school work that I have. Yet, I still have a lot of time to do things that I normally don't have time to.
What does one do with all of this time?
Here's my top 10 guide to figure that out!

1. C o l o r

Coloring is one trend that's making a comeback from our childhood! Lots of "adult coloring books" are for sale at Target, just about any craft store, and even Old Navy. Even if you don't have a coloring book, you can print out coloring pages online and look for cool designs on Pinterest. I also found some from this blog that are free!

2. F i n d  a  n e w  h o b b y!

Hackey-sacks! One from Guatemala, other on from Bahamas.

For me, I just recently bought a hackey-sack from the Bahamas that I want to learn how to actually juggle with my feet. I also have a rubix cube that I could be working on solving quicker. Maybe you want to start journaling or start a blog ;). Here's a guide to start a journal. Or maybe you want to pick up a new instrument. This may be hard for those of you that don't have an instrument at your house,  but learning a new instrument is something that you can return to forever!

3. R e a d

This can be one of the most simplest things to do. We all have books that we haven't read in ages. For me, I have started reading, "Emma," by Jane Austen. Find a book that you are interested in, and not pressured to read. Make it fun! Get hot chocolate and a blanket and read by the window where you can see the snow falling down.

4. T a k e  a  w a l k

Walking is so rewarding. Disconnect for a while and go outside. Take some artsy pics for that perfect Instagram, and then enjoy nature and just observe. Take a minute to close your eyes and listen to the world(not while you're walking, of course!). If you walk for 45 minutes a day for 5 days a week you will improve your brain performance, your health, and it can make you mentally happy. This is one of the best things that you can do for yourself! Or, you can go sledding on a nearby hill.

5. T r y  a  n e w  r e c i p e

I used to do this all the time in the summer when I had lots of time. I would be baking cookies, cooking new pasta dinners for my family, and experimenting with whatever I could find in my cabinets and fridge. I just watched this donut baking video, and I'm inspired to make donuts sometime soon! There are so many recipes availably on Pinterest, check them out!

6. L e a r n  h o w  t o  c o d e

Coded a heart with Google
Coding is being made available and easier for everyone to learn! This is so much fun to do in your spare time, I have learned a lot from coding online. Computer science is growing everyday as a big field, and there are many free websites that you can learn to code from like CodeAcademy, Code.org, and freeCodeCamp.

7. S e n d  s o m e  m a i l

Writing letters and cards to friends is something that is so rarely done, and if you have the free time to create a letter and send it, by all means go ahead! This is one of the easiest ways to love up on friends because unlike a text, this allows them to physically hold what you have given them. This shows that you thought about them enough to spend time making a card or a piece of art. 

8. C l e a n

Really, clean anything. And everything. Clean out your social media, clean out your closet, clean out your bookshelf! Cleaning is good for the heart and mind, and your new neat environment will be able to help you concentrate better on the task at hand instead of on the clutter around you. Spring cleaning is just around the corner,  so why not start now?

9. W a t c h  a  m o v i e

Or two. This is fun to do by yourself(me time!) or with friends! With Netflix, I'm sure that watching tv and movies are what a lot of people spend their days doing. However, while this may be fun, be sure to switch things up and not only watch tv all day. Spend a little bit of time watching your favorite movie, or discover a new one online. This also includes watching Youtube. I like to watch Youtube when I'm eating, and then stop when I get to the end of the meal and move on to something else. This is a super fun and relaxing way to spend a couple of hours.

10. P a m p e r  y o u r s e l f

Mom brought me hot chocolate this morning! <3

Take some time to have bath with a bath bomb from Lush, give your hair a deep condition, and paint your nails. There are loads of easy skin scrubs you can make online and try out. To end the day, get to bed early and feel refreshed that you had fun and productive day off. 

I hope that these helped you and got you inspired to try some of them out.

Have a great day,
Joy :)

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