Cruisin' in the Bahamas

by - 2/20/2016

Hello, friends!

As some of you guys know, in Michigan the public schools get a week off in February to go skiing(dedication, right?!), and my family and I went on a cruise this past week with my Grandma and Aunt to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday! This was my first cruise on a ship called, “Enchantment of the Seas(EOS).”We drove down to Florida on Saturday, spent the night at my Grandma’s, and then boarded the ship on Monday.

The first day, right away we noticed that there was a HUGE amount of food on the ship. Our first meal was lunch on the cruise, which was buffet style in a place called, “Windjammer,” and it was really crowded! I ate a bunch of pasta, as expected. Then my family and I walked around and explored the ship! 

The deck with the pools!

View from our room.

Luke and I were on the top deck when we departed from Port Canaveral, Florida. The horn blasted so loud the first time, Luke and I almost had a heart attack!

That night, I actually got really seasick during dinner. The boat rocked so much and my dad ended up also getting seasick. I ended up going to my room(it was with Grandma and my Aunt),  and Mom brought us apples and helped us feel so much better(shoutout mom!! <3). The next day both my dad and I felt soooo much better. The view on the ocean was really amazing, it made me remember just how small I am compared to the ocean and the waves. 

In the afternoon we went to a towel folding demonstration and learned how to do the cool animals and things that they set on our beds. 
Flower, duck, penguin, dog, rabbit, turtle(l-->r).

Then, we had lunch and as I was practicing making an animal out of a napkin, one of the crew staff came over to our table and made a candle out of the napkin! 

Really delicious dessert for lunch.

Luke and I had sort of developed a routine of having basically two lunches (pretty unhealthy, but worth it!!), and we ate near a window towards the front of the boat. 

That night was also formal night for dinner, so my family and I dressed up! My Grandma had a surprise desert, and we sang happy birthday to her that night! :) Our waiters/co-waiters for every evening were Lady and Mirko, from Manilla and Belarus respectively. The staff in general on the cruise were very international, and they put on a show with flags from where they were from. It was really fun!

After that show, we went to another show at their theater, called the Orpheum. It was a successful day at sea!

On the third day, we were abel to stop at Nassau, Bahamas, and go on excursions on shore. We signed up for snorkeling in Nassau, and the day looked to be sort of chilly out, which isn’t the best for snorkeling, but we still went and later on the sun came out and helped dry us off after we were in the cold water for an hour. My brother had his goPro and we filmed a lot of what we saw underwater, and also took some pictures, but they don’t do justice! God is so amazing, he creates really awesome things. We saw some beautiful fish, and my mom bought us coconuts and a shell from a man in a boat! He chopped them open right there in his boat. 

That night we saw Lange Ringnald, an Olympian gymnast perform for us at the Orpheum. He was on the silks, played piano and sang, was in really good shape, and also is a Mnemonist, or someone who has an extraordinary memory. 

Unfortunately, the second day of going off-shore to CocoCay, the ship’s own island, was cancelled because the waves were over 25 knots and that wasn’t safe for little lifeboats to travel in. So we had our last day at sea and just floated around. We went to another show and saw the Orpheum cast put on some Broadway songs, and it was really good!! 

The cruise was a cool new experience that I am so grateful I was able to go on.
Anyways, that’s all that I have to share with you today. Feel free to leave comments below! 

see ya,

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