A Weekend in Chicago

by - 7/10/2017

Hello, friend!

I just got back from spending a wonderful weekend in Chicago with my friend Gwen, and we suuure did a LOT in a very short amount of time! When I arrived Thursday, Gwen picked me up from the Megabus at Union Station downtown and we just caught up. The next day we woke up and made our way down to Six Flags Great America(which is a rollercoaster theme park)! Gwen unfortunately got her wallet stollen(we think out of her car), which was really sad. We all had a great time at Six Flags though, and I admired Gwen's ability to have fun even though she had quite a big deal of $$ stollen, and right before she leaves for Haiti on a mission trip(Gwen is such a trooper <3!).  I didn't end up taking any photos at Six Flags, which is kind of strange for me, but it was fun just enjoying our time there. Our group initially went to ride the Viper, but I felt really nauseuous inside the place where you stand in line right before you get on(I think that I still haven't gotten back to equilibrium since the plane ride home from China), and decided not to go on it. Gwen decided to come with me too, so we walked over to one of the western-themed restaurants I bought a chicken sandwich and fries. When the other part of the group came back, we decided to go to Hurricane Harbor. Hurricane Harbor is the water park that is apart of Six Flags Great America, and we spent a good couple of hours there and then we decided to ride the American Eagle and go home.

Gwen and I then drove to my super long-time friend Lexi's house and we spent the night there. She was having some girls over from the Metro region of the Chicago church, and it was really fun talking with them! We played Guesstures and then talked until 1:30 am and then I had to call it a night because I was so tired from earlier!

Lexi's lil' treehouse
Gwen's mom had planned a mother-daughter prayer walk at the beach Saturday morning, so we woke up at 8-ish and we drove to Lake Shore Drive and prayed along the beach! It was perfect weather out.
After hanging out there for a little bit, Gwen and I decided to go home and get dressed up in cuter clothes because we wanted to visit this cafe called the 3 Arts Club Cafe downtown. We took the train and then walked a couple blocks to it and it was GORGEOUS. It's inside of a place called Restoration Hardware(RH), and there are so many beautiful expensive pieces of furniture inside! It has like 5 or 6 levels, and is like IKEA on steroids(as Gwen put it perfectly).

"did somebody say bougie"
Let's just say that I had the best $16 truffle grilled cheese sandwich and fries in my entire life there. This is such a must-see in Chicago! You can make it into a pretty cool event, you can get dressed up and just go and have a fun day out with friends! :) Gwen and I also got the chai latte's and they were DELISH + reasonably priced($4).

After visiting that beautiful place, we spent the rest of the evening walking around downtown and shopping. Sunday morning was church, and it was so encouraging and refreshing seeing a lot of old friends from Chicago and chit-chatting with them. I left pretty much right after church and took the megabus back home. I'm so grateful to Gwen for such an amazing weeekend! :D <3 Thanks for reading.

I hope that you have a fantastic week!
Joy :)

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