Valentine's Day!

by - 2/14/2016

Hello, friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Cute little sonic valentines card
 I love holidays like these because they give you a fun reason to hang out with people you love. Back when I lived in Chicago, my dad and I  used to go to a father-daughter dance that our church held. Since we moved we hadn't been to one since, but this year our church, the Detroit Church of Christ, hosted one! All of the girls and dads in my church dressed up and we ate pizza, talked, played bingo, and danced.
Me n Dad
Hanging out with my dad was a blast, and I'm so glad that we got to have a special time. On Friday, the teens from my church decided to exchange some valentines like we used to in elementary school, and I found cute Harry Potter ones but only a couple of people got the references!
Here are some cute Valentine's Day Cards that I found on tumblr: 

NekoAtsume reference, get the app here

Sheldon the Dinosaur, so cute!
Well I hope that you enjoyed these! I'll talk to you guys next weekend!
Lots of love,
Joy :)

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