Tests, Tea, and Hammocks!

by - 4/17/2016

Hello, Friends!

Recently, I underwent loads of testing.  I took the

ACT(American College Testing)
SAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test)
ACT Work keys(a test that asks you if you know how to read an analog clock)
and M-Step(Michigan Student Test of Educational Process)

all within a week of each other :(.
This is why junior year is stressful! I'm going to enjoy senior year a lot more.
Studying for those tests(particularly the ACT a lot more than the SAT), was a long, time-consuming brain workout. 
And now I have less than 20 days until my AP tests. It's a lottle(combination of a little and a lot) stressful, but I know that God will help me through every step of the way! 
In between those tests, I've been doing things to stay social :).
This past Tuesday after the SAT, it was my friend Minsu's birthday! We got free Ben and Jerry's and then went to Panera.

I wish I could travel back in time to get more! The weather in Ann Arbor has turned 180 again and gone from freezing rain and hail/snow to 80 degree days, only God can do that hahaha!

On Thursday night, my mom and I saw Guys and Dolls at the Powercenter put on by the UoM students.  What a great production!! I was blown away, the dancing was so in sync, the singing was perfect, and the accents were very legit.

Total perks of living in a college town! 
Yesterday, Minsu and I got to hang out again and go to our church's Women's friendship tea. It was so cute as all of the ladies from our church dressed up and wore beautiful hats. 

Minsu, Danielle and Me!:)

 After the friendship tea, we decided to go hammocking and use my new hammock that I bought off of Amazon. It was a perfect day yesterday, 70 degrees and with a little warm wind. The link to the hammock I bought - hammock .

Minsu and I just chillin'
Almost falling out!
This little kitty, Leo came and visited us.
This past week was really exciting even with all of the testing. I now have to study for my AP tests, so I will write later!
Have a great week!!
Joy :)

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