Spring Break

by - 4/03/2016

Hello, friends!
Spring break has just started for the Ann Arbor schools in Michigan, and I have been enjoying it already. My family isn't going anywhere this week, and I actually have a lot of studying for AP exams and SAT and ACT tests(fun spring break- I know!!!). Transition back to Easter!

On Easter my Grandma drove in from Chicago, and she stayed the whole week with us which was so much fun, even though my whole family was really busy before spring break. Saturday, before she left, she really wanted to go to a Native American powwow at Skyline High School, so we went and it was a whole new experience!

My friend Dhiya was there, too!
They came in doing this awesome dance to loud drums.
Amazing dresses!
More dancing :)

Another thing that we did yesterday after the powwow was make pasta from scratch with our Italian friends who live across the street. Since I am a pasta luvr, it was a dream come true! 

In action. Yeah!
Ya mom! 
Mom and Grandma Betty
Strips of Pasta!

Ready to boil!

2 hours later it's ready to eat! Yum!
The pasta was DELICIOUS, and now my mom and I are looking at pasta makers on Amazon :). I've had a great start to the week, did you do anything fun over spring break/are you doing anything fun this week? Leave a comment below, I'd love to know!

Joy :)

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