Pumpkins and a Puppy

by - 10/22/2016

Hello, friend!

Sorry I've been MIA recently, cross country just ended and I've been working on college applications like crazy. I am applying for early action for as many colleges as I can right now, and it's taking a lot of my time. However, in the midst of all this college pressure, I've still found time to hang out with friends. Last Saturday after my very last cross country race, my friend Jessica and I went to Schuster's Farm and had so much fun doing the basic fall fun activities together!

It was sort of a gray fall day, but not super cold yet which was really nice. We bought the cutest, roundest pumpkins that we could find. I bought a tiny one for 50 cents--WHAT A STEAL-- but then in the next couple of days it started to leak! Who knew that pumpkins could leak from the bottom AND the top? It must have been old already, but I couldn't tell based off of the outside. O well.

Ah, Fall!
Our family of pumpkins!
After we bought the pumpkins, we loaded them into Jessica's car and then went back in to go to the corn maze! We went through Phase 2, the most difficult maze, and somehow kept on coming back to station number seven with the corny cornundrum sign.

Little did we know that we would come across it five more times!
Hooray! We made it!
It started to rain just a little bit as we were making our way out of the maze, and we were a tad hungry(we ran three miles that morning SO maybe that's an understatement) so we decided to buy some sugary donuts and cider. I looooooved them! Just thinking about them is making me hungry!! We headed home shortly after and I put my pumpkins all around the house for decorations.

That really got me excited for fall and Halloween! Speaking of getting into the Halloween spirit, tonight I watched Hocus Pocus and drank some pumpkin spiced chai latte stuff from Trader Joes,   10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND. :)

hocus pocus
Okay, so another big thing that has been going on in my life is OUR PUPPY, PO.
Luke and I had been asking Dad if we could get a puppy for probably over a year. When we moved, my one condition was that we get a puppy eventually, and what do ya know we have one now.
Po is our 12 week old maltipoo, and he is super adorable and spunky and cute.
Everyone who sees him says, "He's so tiny!" The pictures don't really do it justice. To scale, I would say that he's the length of a school textbook(long ways).

Po is definitely adjusting to us and our house, and we are adjusting to him. Puppies are lot of work for sure! My family and I haven't had a really good night sleep in a while due to his tiny bladder, but we know it'll all improve over time.

Po is apart of the Nuelle family now! Yay!
Unfortunately, I should get back to working on college applications.
That's all for now, folks!

Joy :)

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