Friends, Pickles, and Hats!

by - 12/03/2016

Hello Friend!

Yesterday, my friend Abby and I drove into Chicago with our parents to hang out with some friends while they went to meetings all Friday and Saturday. At first planning this, I texted some people not really expecting anyone to be close by to Oak Brook(I don't know anything about directions in Chicago outside of Oriole Park Elementary), but surprisingly Rachel , my very good and old friend from the Central region of the Chicago church, lived right down the street! Chris, another friend of ours, lived half an hour away but he drove up to the mall to see us. I really appreciated that and the fact that they were able to hang out with us on sort of a last minute thing. 
True friendship is getting with your friends when they're coming in from out of town! 

We went to Potbelly's for dinner and Rachel ate this huge pickle for $1, and a sandwich of course. 

Both Chris and Rachel are leaving OUT OF ILLINOIS for college. I was so shocked, it's crazy to think how we're so old and now all separating for college!! This almost makes moving a little bit less painful knowing that everyone is spreading out to different states now for school. 
We just sort of wandered around from store to store, stopping in at Teavana's to try the BEST TEA IN THE WORLD: peppermint white chocolate sweetened tea. 
Try it you definitely won't regret it! 
We also went into fancy stores like Zara and Anthropologie and wandered around, then in Urban Outfitters and we tried on hats. 

That was when we decided that we should buy something to send to each other in the mail when we all move!! In Barnes and Noble we bought a bookmark but really just wanted the plastic container it came in so that we could make our own bookmarks and mail it to each other!

It was such a great time just seeing them and catching up with what was going on in their lives! Definitely a great start to December.

Happy Holidays!!
Joy :)

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