Stepping into the Holidays

by - 11/26/2016

Hello, friend! 

I hope that your Thanksgiving was full of time with the family, football, and good food. 

Did you enjoy your food as much as Ron did? 

My family and I went to Chicago as is our tradition, and visited the McDonalds parade. This time, we had a puppy with us! That was quite the experience, we had a black purse-like bag for Po to sit in, and we tucked him in a blanket so that he wouldn't be chilly in the Windy City!

I think that Po really enjoyed the parade. It was such a coincidence that we brought Po this year to the parade, and that there was a giant Kung Fu Panda as well!

Little pup, big city
Cool painting I saw!
After the parade, we drove to my dad's side of the family in Arlington Heights and celebrated Thanksgiving wth them. 
The next day I visited one of my very best friends, Lexi, and her family!! We brought Po so that they could meet him, and since they have dogs too, he became friends with Dulce the Pomeranian. That night we drove to Zoo Lights in Lincoln Park Zoo! There was a new Holiday Market going on, and ice skating, which drew so many more people downtown that it took forever to find parking! Especially since it was the first day of zoo lights. Maybe next year we can try the ice skating!

I honestly saw one animal at the zoo(a sleeping ape) the entire night which was kind of funny. It was not too chilly outside which made the night so much more enjoyable, and we strolled through the zoo enjoying the lights and talking with old friends from Chicago. 

Candy Cane Land?!

Even though there is a lot of pollution in Chicago, it helps with taking pictures in the dark because it's so lit up everywhere! After seeing all of those zoo lights, I feel like I am definitely in the Christmas spirit now. In fact, we have been listening to Christmas music non-stop ever since Thanksgiving ended. Yep! 


Joy :)

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