Live in the Moment

by - 12/17/2016

Hello Friend!

Yesterday when my friend Jessica and I were at Barnes and Noble doing homework and listening to Christmas tunes, she told me a quote that I thought was really meaningful, and I wanted to share it here:

I feel like some people may be like whaaat Joy that’s so negative!! You’re name is Joy(be happy!)!! 
However, I think that what this quote means is that we should make sure that we are truly living every second of the day as present as possible, and to make sure that we get the most out of this life while we can. I found this to be a great reminder to myself, because with the holiday season it can be extremely difficult to stay focused on one task or idea. Instead I find myself thinking about the future, Christmas celebrations and plans, etc, which just leads to more stress.

Right now seniors are beginning to receive college acceptance letters/emails(aka our futures). I feel like I haven't been obsessively checking my email every hour to see if I've been accepted anywhere, however, before I was accepted to any colleges I did start to feel a bit anxious. This "waiting time" of the college process has been a test of my faith and how I need to trust God with whichever colleges I get accepted into! I didn't realize how big of a deal being a senior in high school was when I was a freshman at all. I believe that the colleges we get accepted to shape a big part of our future and who we will become as adults. Our lives have the possibility to change drastically in a single year, and I don't know if I'm ready for that. 
All I know is that no matter where I go- God really is in control. 

Don't let the stress of the future determine how you live today!

Joy :) 

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