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by - 12/23/2016

Hello, friend!

Since 2016 is coming to a close, I thought that I would make a quick list of 20 of my favorite songs from this year and tell you a little bit about them/why I totally loved them! If you want to listen on Spotify while reading, click here. 

My Top 20 Songs of 2016: 

                                                        1. Take the World // Johnnyswim 
Take the World is a cute folk-like song by a duo, Amanda Sudano and Amber Ramirez. They remind me of Us the Duo, who is a famous vine couple that also sings/performs -- if you like them, I bet you'll enjoy this group as well! This song has a very timeless feel, and is a great morning song to wake up slowly to!

2. Seventeen // Alessia Cara
Alessia Cara has definitely risen to become one of my absolute favorite artists of 2016. Her voice is so powerful! I loved this song of the cheesy reasons- I'm seventeen, this song is about being 17, so why not listen to it? If you're 17 or going to turn 17, I definitely 10/10 highly recommend it!

3. Take me Home // Jess Glynne
This song is sung by the same woman who sang, "Rather Be," that catchy, pop tune that was popular for a month in the summer. She also sings this song, which is really great for just belting out loud when you're driving home alone or even during a rainy day.

4. I'll Show You // Justin Bieber
This song is all about being determined, and I love how Justin is saying that he's a human too, not just some idol, and how even though we get to see a part of his life, it's not ALL of it(the good, the bad, etc). I think all too often we think that we know everything about our "favorite celebrity," whether it be someone on our favorite television show or another musician/artist, and I think that this is a good reminder that celebrities, are learning and making mistakes through life, just like we are except one is much more publicized and manipulated through media. Besides the message of the song, it also has a great beat. 

5. I Wanna Go // Yuna 
In the early days of summer I discovered this three year old, upbeat, carefree song. Whenever I listen to this I think of the warmth and summertime. This is such a happy song, it's really impossible to be sad and listen to it!

6. 1000x // Jarryd James 
Jarryd James and Broods are such a fantastic combination. Jarryd and Georgia both have such unique voices,  and the two of them joined together to create this powerful, emotional song. The lyrics are pure poetry. 

7. This Girl // Kungs and Cookin' on 3 Burners 
This song literally screams FUN. I don't know what it is, the EDM vibes, the trumpet, the clapping... I recommend listening to this in the car with your friends loudly on a road trip or even if you're just going to Target! (@ Kaylee :) )

8. Ophelia // The Lumineers 
The Lumineers came out this year with this amazing album, "Cleopatra," and I immediately became obsessed with this song from it. The piano really SINGS in this song. The chorus is also such a catchy tune!

9. Into the Wild // LP 
This song's drums combined with Laura Pergolizzi's voice is AMAZING. It's a song that makes you want to go on an adventure, and you can picture yourself doing epic things with this song in the background.

10. Stay // Kygo 
This summer I listened to different DJ's since EDM was gaining popularity, and I really enjoyed it discovering artists like this one! Each one of Kygo's songs are great hits and everyone who I talked to was like "ohh yeah that song!!".  Definitely a summer hit.

11. Heartlines // Broods 
I immediately bought Broods' new album this year and could not stop listening to this song on repeat! Give it a listen!

12. Falling // Opia 
Opia, meaning a "visual disorder," (very creative huh?!) really know what they're doing. They're not very popular yet, but I can definitely see them becoming incredulously famous one day! This song is about falling for a toxic love. The guitar riff in it is really something!

13. Ocean Eyes // Billie Eilish 
I listened to this song with my one of my very best friends, Danielle, when we were at the park across from my house and when summer was coming to and end. This song is the definition of nostalgic. Billie Eilish's voice is literally magical. I wish that she would come out with an album or something! 

14. Got You on my Mind // NF 
When we first moved to Madison, I discovered NF with my brother, and we listened to a couple of his songs. This song in particular has a story. Nate had an extremely difficult childhood to say the least, and his music is raw and honest. He has become famous as well for being a Christian rapper which I think is really cool! 

15. Something To Believe In (Acoustic) // Young the Giant 
First off, the normal version of this is AMAZING, but the acoustic is so clean and it really accentuates the singing, and the lyrics!

16. Nervous // Gavin James 
My good friend Kenneth recommended this to me one night, and it has become one of my all time favorites. The soft acoustic makes it sound like a lullaby almost. This is definitely a beautiful, chill, rainy day song. 

17. Stone // Alessia Cara 
Another rainy day song thy can quickly become one of your favorites. It is about security and safety during change, so I definitely listened to this song a lot after I moved. 

18. Guillotine // Jon Bellion
 I was inspired to listen to this song because of my friend Jen, who absolutely RAVED about Jon Bellion, and I hopped on the train with her to become obsessed with his style of music. Each one of his songs is so different from the other and the beat is great! Please also listen to Simple and Sweet if you have time! :)

19. Art Exhibit // Young the Giant 
I discovered this song from my friend Mariah, and am SO GRATEFUL she started tweeting song recommendations! I feel like our taste in music is somewhat similar and this song was everything I needed this fall. The use of metaphoric language in this song is fantastic. 

20. Final Song // MØ
I heard this song actually in a snapchat and was so curious about it that I looked up the lyrics to this and then found the whole song and before I knew it, I was hooked. I thought this was a good "final song," to end this playlist on. This song picks up speed and has such a great vibe to it-- definitely listen to it when you're in a good mood!

As you can see, I love music. It makes the time pass quickly, it entertains, it is art, and it can convey emotions that are not easily put into words. 

If you are interested, I also make monthly playlists on Spotify except for December because I listen to mostly Christmas music in that month. 
 Thanks for reading! If you have any song recommendations, feel free to comment them!

Have a great week leading up to Christmas!

Joy :) 

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