5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

by - 1/21/2017

Hello, friend!

Here is a list of some clothing items that I believe are CRUCIAL to have in your closet during the chilly months of Winter.

1. Turtlenecks
OH-MY-GOSH this is a must. Turtlenecks are incredibly easy to style, and they come in every single color imagined! If you're starting out, try getting a black turtleneck, or maybe a white one if you have black hair(that way it won't wash you out). I have several-- white, pink, gingham ... they're addicting. I also love mock-neck sweaters just as much, and you might want to check these out if you don't like the idea of a lot of fabric around your neck. Turtlenecks + dark wash or black ripped jeans + converse or boots = <3

2. Pom-Pom Hats
These are so cute!! I have been seeing them all over the fashion side of Youtube, and my friend Eliciane got me a black hat that has a little brown/blonde pom-pom on it! I've also been seeing double pom-pom hats at H&M, which make you look like a panda or a bear, and are adorable. Hats will help keep your head warm AND stylish if you're walking around outside in the cold.

3. Cozy Sweaters
Okay, this is pretty much a given because every girl should have like one sweater for the winter! Just like the turtlenecks, you don't really have to do much to style it, but make sure that its completely comfortable because thats the whole point! You can dress up a sweater with a necklace, or even layer a thin one over a button-down for a casual business look(I actually really like this look, but since I'm in high school I am figuring that I can wait until college to pull this one off).

4. Boots
Tall, short, bright, or shiny, all boots are widely appreciated in the winter. Tall boots are great for when you want to make an outfit more dressy and keep your calves really warm! Short boots are fantastic for when you want to keep your toes warm and let your legs breathe more. I find that wearing boots also give your feet more support and then you get to let your other pairs of shoes take a break.

5. Hoodies
For a while I completely lost interest in hoodies(because the ones I owned were all way too big for my little 7th grade body) and then I regained interest after I went thrift shopping with my friend Abby and found the perfect pink hoodie that says Niagara Falls on it(I've been there)!! I feel like winter overall is sort of a season where I am constantly in between- do I want to look good or feel warm and cozy?? And hoodies can honestly do BOTH for you if you find the right ones! It's all about the fit and the feel. I literally don't understand why people buy anything uncomfortable.

Well, I hope that this quick list has helped you a little bit! :) What are some of your winter essential clothing items?? Leave it down in the comments!

Joy :)

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