Hazy Days

by - 1/18/2017

Hello, friend!!

It's that time in January where the hype from all of the holidays and real life sinks back in. I have been busy studying for finals this week, and to be honest, I think that this has been least motivated I have been to study for finals all throughout my high school career. It's just hard to get myself to be motivated for my SECOND TO LAST finals of high school. Yes, second to last EVER finals, or technically the last winter finals that I'll ever have of boring high school. 
While I've been trying to study, it hasn't helped that it's been cold and gray outside. I just want to hop into bed and take a nap!(so much for my new year's resolutions). 

I would just like to say that whoever thought that it would be a good idea to release, "Moana," during the winter was probably already living in a tropical climate(thank u very little). Okay also, that soundtrack is my favorite thing at the moment.  I have been playing guitar a lot more recently and getting more and more excited about Spring. I've found that for myself, the little things that I do(like playing guitar for 20 minutes, reading a bit before I go to bed, etc) can make these hazy days seem a lot better and go by a lot quicker!! If you find yourself in a fog, my advice is to pay attention to the little things you're doing in your life and change them just a little bit to make things more interesting.

This is just a super short blog update on what I have and haven't been doing recently, and I'll be getting back into more weekly blogging after finals! :) 

Joy :)

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