To Dream or not to Dream

by - 1/28/2017

Hello, friend!

Recently, I just watched La La Land and I was so intrigued by it, I thought I'd do a little ol' blog post about it. If you haven't watched it, I am going to let you know that there will be !!spoiler alerts!!  a little bit later on so don't continue to read if you're going to watch it soon or want to watch it.

The movie starts out with a classic scenario, Sebastian(Ryan Gosling) and Mia(Emma Stone), destined to be together even though it certainly was not love at first sight. They both have big dreams; Mia wants to be an actress and has been auditioning for seven years, while Sebastian wants to bring jazz back into the spotlight again.

They end up singing a song that has lyrics like, "what a (waste) of a lovely night," and then BAM they're together, both doing what they love and supporting each other through the ups and downs of life and then it kind of spirals downwards from there(their relationship)...

It seemed cruel that they had to choose between doing what they loved, and being with who they loved. The cinematography itself was beautiful, yet the storyline was tragic(for me). Mia eventually ends up marrying someone else and having a baby girl, but then RIGHT before the end there's this crazy montage of scenes that let you visualize what COULD have happened if Mia and Sebastian ended up together. That relates back to the movie's title, La La Land(also Los Angeles), as Mia and Sebastian could have ended up in this dream fantasy land, but didn't. I would argue that they did both have happy endings, as they achieved their dreams, and were accepting of the fact that they didn't end up together, but it wasn't what the audience really wanted. Mia and Sebastian smile before they go their separate ways, which ends the movie peacefully, at least.

This movie is realistic, in the fact that

you can't always get where you want to be with everyone you want by your side.

and I enjoyed that. It's simply about two people who have passion finding each other, and watching passionate people really inspires me to go after doing more of what I love.  The soundtrack is fantastic as well! It's obviously very different than all of the EDM, pop music I hear everyday. The instrumental music fits the scenes perfectly and captures your attention instantly.

Even though it is a "realistic" (but not really) movie, which can take on a negative connotation, it still has hope. That's what fuels Mia's and Sebastian's passions, and hope fuels us everyday as well. It inspires us to get out in the world and do things. There's this one song Mia sings for an audition towards the end of the movie and it's dedicated to the dreamers and the mess that they make. I realized that without dreams, or vision, nothing great would ever happen or change. IT'S SO CHEESY BUT IT'S TRUE.

Anyways, as you go throughout your busy life, don't forget that taking time to dream is important too.

Joy :)

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