Exploring Madison!

by - 4/08/2017

Hello, friend!

Last Saturday my brother and I had the opportunity to go downtown and spend some time together. It was a beautiful, sunny, almost 60 degree day out and Luke and I got lunch at this Chinese restaurant, and Jamba Juice afterwards for dessert(there's so much sugar!!).

While we were in Jamba Juice, our parents April Fooled us! They told us that they had gotten into a car accident and that our car was totaled, and that I'd have to drive down Sunday to pick them up. They were out of town last weekend, so I believed them and so did Luke for a while. We found out it was fake when they sent us a picture of "our car." It was the lowest quality picture and that's when we realized we had been fooled!! Sneaky parents..
We decided to walk towards the Capital and just sit on a bench and hang out, enjoying the sun and a man on the corner playing guitar and singing. I got some great pictures of Luke and the statue, "Forward".

After we hung out for about two hours, we decided to head back home and we took Po out on an extra long walk because it was such a beautiful day.
After taking Po out, I went out with my friend Jessica to the Madison Zoo! I had forgotten that there were red pandas there but then I saw it on the sign and I was like, "WE HAVE TO GO SEE THEM!!" They were soooooooo adorable. Lots of families were out and about because of the fantastic weather, and I enjoyed being with a bigger crowd and reliving my childhood a little.
Some weird giant rodent thing.
Jessica and I saw some parrots, giraffes, meerkats, weird monkey things, polar bears, and lemurs which reminded me totally of Zaboomafoo -- do ANY of you guys remember this TV show?? I don't even know how I remember it since it was on air from 1999 to 2001... PBS Kids Go was the best channel.
Image result for zabumafu
If you recognized this face props to you!!
After we'd seen almost all the animals, we went back to my house and watched Moana(after getting Po some food!). Then, on Sunday, after church my friend Katie and I went downtown AGAIN, and since it was definitely not as sunny and warm as Saturday, it made you want to go inside the stores and shop around more! Katie took me into this record shop that I had never even seen- I had always walked right past it, and it was really cool because I didn't expect it to have so many modern vinyls. I received a record player as an amazing Christmas present last year, so I was really excited to see some cool albums in stock!

Okay, this one was at Urban Outfitters but THIS IS AMAZING.
I am just so glad that I got to see more of Madison last weekend, and to explore the place where I'll for sure be living the next four years while I'm attending college. It's a beautiful town that has so much more to see! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great week!

x Joy :)

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