March Favorites!

by - 4/01/2017

Hello, friend!

March is officially OVER; it has been one month since my birthday! I have been enjoying being eighteen a lot so far. It basically means that I don't need to get my parents to sign forms when I register to be a camp counselor and go and get my hair dyed, etc. Besides that, not much has really changed. Anyways, welcome to my second monthly favorites blog post! Here we go!

Okay, this is such an easy category to write because so much good music came out this month. Ed Sheeran's album, "Divide," is one of my favorites. I have spent this whole month listening to this album, and my favorites are easily, "Dive," "Eraser," and "What do I know." Another song that I've been loving is "Stay," by Alessia Cara and Kygo(a dj). Kygo is one of my favorite dj's, along with Zed and Petit Biscuit. Check them out!!

To watch, you definitely should see Beauty and the Beast! I just saw Beauty and the Beast with my mom last Saturday, and WooooOOOOwww!! I loved it. Josh Groban's big song towards the end was so good. It was pretty realistic looking and all of the attention to details in the movie made it beautiful!

I haven't been using too many new apps, so I'll talk about just two that I use most often. Number one is ChineseSkill. It's a super nerdy app that lets you practice and learn Chinese for free by listening and writing exercises! It's free and has a cute panda on the app cover. I'm not very far in, but I'm working on improving my Chinese here and there.
I've also been using Pinterest a lot for inspiration for my hair dye, and new recipes and such to cook fun foods for my family! 
I made dinner for my family in March and kind of improvised off of some Pinterest recipe that I found, and it tasted like pizza-pasta! I made a cheese-based sauce and then added some bruschetta seasoning which totally made it taste like pizza and I loved it! Easy noodle dishes all the way!! Also this month I've been eating a lot more oatmeal in a mug. I just pour a lil' packet of Quaker Oats into my favorite PANDA MUG that I just got from Forever 21, add some water, microwave it, and BAM you got yourself a breakfast. Quick and easy to go!
My panda mug(**not my picture)

My oversized jean jacket has been suuuuper nice to wear, especially when it was warmer a couple of weekends ago! It's a solid layer that looks cute on any outfit. Also, I've been loving my striped tees recently. Another easy thing to layer underneath a jacket or sweatshirt.

Thanks for reading, that's all that I have for you to-day!

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