Spring Fashion Trends!

by - 4/22/2017

Hello friend!!

With the weather getting warmer, I've been noticing little things here and there that are definitely trending this spring. I follow some other blogs like withwaikei.com, poppydeyes.com, of course zoella.co.uk. Here's a little list of things that have been reappearing so far:

1. Denim Everything
Since spring is back and the weather is in-between warm and cold, oversized denim jackets are easy to layer over anything and even all denim outfits are trying to become a thing. The only problem is this- how do you find a pair of overalls that don't make you look like a farmer? I guess you'll have to try all of them on until you find the perfect fit. Denim definitely adds a casual and cute touch to any outfit that anyone can wear. You can even go thrifting for the perfect denim jacket!

2. Embroidery
Okay this one is pretty obvious if you've been to the mall recently! Even JCPenny is carrying embroidered jeans along with Forever21, ASOS, and the like. This trend is definitely hopping on the denim trend, because embroidered jean jackets and jeans are a thing! I think that this is a really easy way to mix the floral and personal, unique style you have to your outfit.

3. Pinstripes/Gingham
These two patterns are definitely making a big appearance this spring. Gingham dresses and pinstriped dresses are statement patterns that when worn by themselves are a complete outfit. I would definitely say that you have to be pretty bold to wear a full gingham dress. Pinstripe pants are also another bold statement option if you are experimenting with fashion! Just go for it!

4. Floral
Every spring, floral patterns make a comeback because spring = flowers, so it's just logical that you reflect what the season brings, as well as bring a little color back into your wardrobe!

5. Tinted/Mirrored Sunnies(sunglasses)
Now, you really CAN see the world through rose colored glasses and look pretty trendy while doing so! Even crazy colors like green, red, purple, and blue are in stock.

Welp there's my little fashion observations for spraang! I hope you enjoyed!

x Joy :)

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