Prom 2016!

by - 5/15/2016

Hello, friend!

I just got back from our church's prom in Chicago! Every year, the teens from churches all over the midwest come together and have a prom in May. There were people from Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois(excuse me if I'm forgetting other churches), and we danced from seven until about ten thirty.

Me and Lexi! <3 :)
The theme this year was, "Under the Sea," which was fun because lots of girls wore blue dresses and- in my opinion-looked like mermaids! It's actually sort of funny because every year, I've worn a blue dress except this year. I chose a red one which didn't really match the theme, but oh well, you win some, you lose some.
Mckenzie, Jennifer and I at the hotel!
We arrived to our hotel at two, which was nice because we had a lot of time to get ready and not be stressed about it. At around five thirty we drove over to the dance!
Laughing with Abby!

It was so refreshing seeing my friends from other states. It gets me so excited for camp in the summer and Reach 2016(our national church conference this summer)!

Joselyn's first prom. :)
 Afterwards, we went to an after party at Enchanted Castle, which we had all to ourselves. We did bumper cars, go-karts, arcade games, and watched some karaoke until two in the morning(which really felt like three in our bodies from Michigan!). I am honestly SO tired from this weekend, but it was worth all the fun. Thanks to everyone who put the event on! :)

Have a great week,
Joy :)

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