Birthdays, Mother's Day, and Tulips!

by - 5/08/2016

Hello, friend!


Love you, Mom!
I just got home from Holland, Michigan, home of the Tulip Festival. This weekend, my Grandma and Aunt were in town to celebrate my mom's birthday(May 7) and Mother's Day(May 8) with all of us! To start my mom's birthday off, we had a birthday breakfast and opened some cards and presents.

Mom drinking out of her Happy Birthday mug.
Then, it was on the road to the Tulip Festival, a two and a half hour drive. First, we walked to this place called "Centennial Park," and we watched Dutch dancers. Then we headed into the park to look at the tulips and do a little bit of shopping. Going to the festival at eleven o'clock was a great time to go, it wasn't overly crowded yet.

In Centennial Park looking at the fountain and tulips!
Mom and I in front of the tulips.
After mom found her souvenir necklace and we ate some lunch from one of the vendors, we walked to "Window on the Waterfront" to see more tulips. This is where I found out that I was 100% allergic to the tulips; my allergies were so bad when I walked into the fields! *tip: take lots of allergy meds before going to visit tulips!

Rows and rows and rows!

At around four o'clock, we went on a trolley tour of Holland. It was very interesting and I learned a lot! If you live on Tulip Lane, you get tulips for free to plant in your yard.

The streets were decorated beautifully.
After the trolley ride we found dinner, went to a barbershop choir concert, and then had a cupcake party in our Grandma's room. Then we crashed on our beds and refueled for more tulips tomorrow! The next morning we went to the "De Klomp Shoe Factory," where they make the classic Dutch wooden shoes, and right next door was another tulip garden with five million tulips! *tip: go early in the morning because there is crazy traffic after twelve.
Cute little welcome area.
Some of the beautiful tulips. 

One of the very cool windmills.
Tulips for days

And many more!
 This is also where I found out that I was also 100% allergic to Holland! (Just kidding) The tulips were beautiful, but it was horrible there for my nose. We then went to a Mother's Day brunch which had great food. We decided that we wanted to go to one of the beaches because that is what people do in Holland, and it was great weather outside. We saw the classic Holland lighthouse, but all of my photos of it were pretty bad with the lighting and such. I climbed this structure thingymabob and Luke joined me!

Spiderman, spiderman
And we're up!

Picture of the beach!
Me enjoying my Mexican blanket.
Photo creds to mom!
All in all, the trip was beautiful and so colorful! My whole family enjoyed it, and we highly recommend it for anyone who wants to getaway. Now, it is time to do some homework!

Have a great rest of the week,

Joy :)

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