A Day Well Spent

by - 5/22/2016

Hello, friend!

I am extremely pleased to be able to say that I am done with all of my AP tests and standardized testing! Woohoo! :) Now all I have is finals, which don't start until the 13th of June.

Along with finals coming up, summer is on its way and unfortunately, my exchange student friends are leaving Ann Arbor. :( (Link to previous blog post with them here.) We decided that we wanted to do something fun together and just relax.
Yesterday(Saturday), we went to Nichol's Arboretum by the UoM hospital. It was perfect weather outside! I picked up Dhiya and Lars (we tried to get Sarah too but she was busy with homework),  and we drove to Meijers to pick up some fresh fruit and chips for a picnic in the Arb. We had to walk far to get there, especially because of all the construction around the hospital, but it was worth it. If you want to go to the Arb, now is the time! Everything is so beautiful there.

Here are a collection of pictures from our time-

Classic polaroid to remember everything
Mini hike!
Yes we're all wearing hats
Dhiya's first dandelion!
"We should do this for a living"
Then we remade this photo from the fall in a corn maze-
Your favorite explorers
Back at it again
After our day, we skipped back to the car.  I was so grateful to be with such fabulous people and I am going to miss them SOOOOOO much when they leave me! *crying face emoji* They never cease to make me smile.

I hope that you have a great week, and don't forget to stop and smell the roses at least once!

Joy :)

ps. IDK if the texts about my blog are being sent through. Apparently if you're already subscribed( text follow @simplyjoy_ful to 40404 to get updates), you can then text ON simplyjoy_ful to get texts.

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